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- Sorry about that earlier email. I had responded with all the other messages and stuff, so my email was too big. This only has my questions on it!

Good evening! This is Cathryn - aka nagh! (I didn’t Reply All because sometimes that is annoying.)
I have a question about all the words below for leader/emperor.
If I wanted to write a story about the Plagues of Egypt, which word would I use for “Pharaoh”? I asked and made sure - it’s a title, not a name. Same with writing a story about Esther, and there is King Xerxes. (I will be using the longer name that starts with A instead of Xerxes though - it is easier to write in Klingon!)
Thanks and I appreciate your help!
voDleH         emperor (n)
ta'         emperor (n)
la'quv         supreme commander (n)
Qang         chancellor (n)
pIn         boss (n)
pIn'a'          master (n)

DevwI'         leader (n)
qumwI'         governor (n)
che'wI'         ruler (n)
loHwI'         magistrate (n)
vu'wI'         manager (n)

woQ          authority,  political  power (n)
woQ'a'      ultimate power (n)

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