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> As for the *-lan,* as nIqolay points out, he's always transliterated
> *-land* as *-lan.* I expect that's to avoid piling on too many extra
> syllables. The final *d* just isn't all that important. But the initial
> *S* and *c* are equally important.

He still sometimes adds an extra syllable for other word-final consonant

   - {ma'rIch} (Barbara) March
   - {rabe'rIt} Robert (O'Reilly)
   - {wa'lIS} (Gwynyth) Walsh

I think "-land" gets trimmed to {-lan} because /n/ and /d/ are both voiced
alveolar consonants, so they're more similar. (The fact that Klingon
doesn't have a /d/ sound might help here too.)
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