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> So, why not {SeqatlenDe’}? That would certainly be a more recognizable
> transliteration. Okrand’s looks more like its based on English spelling
> than pronunciation, which he has avoided doing when naming other countries.

He's been pretty consistent about transliterating word-final "-land" as
{-lan}, even if it's natively pronounced as "-lant":

   - {ne'Derlan} The Netherlands (from Dutch *Nederland*)
   - {DoyIchlan} Germany (from German *Deutschland*)
   - {'Inglan} England (from English *England*)
   - {'ISlan} Iceland (from Icelandic *Ísland)*
   - {nu'SIylan} New Zealand (from New Zealandish *New Zealand*)

He also consistently uses {I} to break up a word-initial "sc-" or "sk-"
consonant cluster:

   - {SIQab'el} Scrabble
   - {SIqenDInavya'} Scandinavia (from English, I assume)
   - {SIqral} the river Skral (coined in English for DS9)

I don't know why the vowel in "SIqot" is {o} and not {a}. After having
watched a couple of Scottish accent videos on Youtube, my guess is that
Scottish speakers tend to pronounce the "o" vowel with more rounding than
in English, so perhaps Maltz thought {o} was a little closer.
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