[tlhIngan Hol] the "get out" meaning of {lel}

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> The verb {lel} is given as "get out, take out".
> As far as the "take out" meaning, things are pretty straightforward:
> {'unwatDajvo' vIghro' tIQ vIlel}
> I take the ancient cat out of its' basket

The one canon example we have is {tIqDu' lel} "[Kahless] removed the [i.e.,
Molor's] hearts". So the subject is taking or getting the object out of
something. (Presumably that something would take the {-vo'} suffix, but
there's no evidence for this.)

> But what I can't understand, is how its' "get out" meaning is to be used.
> Could we say for instance {pa'vo' jIlel} for "I get out of the room" ?

Note these two adjacent entries in TKD:

  get out, flee (v)                       {Haw'}
  get out, take out (v)                   {lel}

The "get out of the room" sense is {Haw'} (though it implies some urgency).

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