[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: tarDIghaD

Hugh Son puqloD Hugh at qeylIS.net
Tue Nov 5 04:22:48 PST 2019

>> On Nov 4, 2019, at 11:45, Alan Anderson <qunchuy at alcaco.net> wrote:
> Kaspersky was looking for someone to translate a password analysis tool into Klingon.

I was curious about this so I looked it up. The KlingonWiki had a page [http://www.klingonwiki.net/En/Kaspersky] about this with a screenshot and a link. The link redirects to: https://password.kaspersky.com/klingon/

The screenshot on the KlingonWiki page showed the password checker UI with correct Klingon text in the standard Okrandian orthography. However the live site, in an apparent attempt to look more “Klingon”, now displays text in mangled pIqaD, with obvious English text written in pIqaD (Sechure paSSworD chHechQ) and obvious Okrandian orthography Klingon text-shaped pegs jammed into xifan hol-shaped holes (chHaw  nghoq Dalo boghH yIghHItlHqo ) - note the inverted q and Q and missing qaghwI'mey.

The text that appears interactively as you type a password into the field is a mixture of English (your paSSworD wIll be brutengorcheD…) and Klingon, all in broken pIqaD. The Klingon text contains at least one untransliterated English proper noun that ends up being similarly mangled (there’s a reference to a {ngerrarI puH Duj chHu }).
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