[tlhIngan Hol] What would you do ?

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Thu May 30 11:47:57 PDT 2019

On 5/30/2019 2:33 PM, mayqel qunen'oS wrote:
> If we have a simple sao, then there is no confusion in omitting 
> punctuation before the {'e'}.
> But if we have an adverb, or a time stamp before the {'e'}, then 
> wouldn't it be clearer if we added some punctuation before that adverb 
> or time stamp ?
> for example:
> wagh vIghro'mey tIQ 'e' wISov
> we know that ancient cats are expensive
> wagh vIghro'mey tIQ reH 'e' wISov
> we always know that ancient cats are expensive
> Isn't it better to have some punctuation before the {reH} ? And if 
> yes, which punctuation ?

I don't see that it's better.

If I /had/ to use punctuation, I'd use a comma. It's the least 
separating of all of them, and is often interpreted as merely a pause.


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