[tlhIngan Hol] Hoch, {-pu'}/{-mey}, the indefinite, and cats

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Fri May 17 09:20:43 PDT 2019

> Wouldn’t {Hoch vIghro’ luleghlu’} be
> “Someone sees each cat”?

I think that because of the {lulughlu'} the meaning *has* to be "someone
sees them".

> Wouldn’t {Hoch vIghro’ luleghlu’} be
> “Someone sees each cat”?
> Depends on whether Hoch vIghro' each
> cat is considered singular or plural. This has
> been discussed before, but I don't remember
> the conclusion. If it's plural, it's as you say. If
> it's singular, the sentence needs to be Hoch
> vIghro' leghlu' each cat is seen.

I remember for sure, that sometime in the past, we had discussed in this
list whether {Hoch} used on its own, is to be considered singular or plural.

And I remember this for sure, because the whole discussion had started
because of me (what a surprise..).

In that thread (which sadly its' title I don't remember), I used {Hoch} on
its own as a subject in a sentence, treating it as being grammatically

i.e. I wrote something like {vIghro' lulegh Hoch} for "all see the cat".

Then, someone, wrote that using {Hoch} on its own in this context, despite
the fact that it's used to describe "many people", *should* be treated as
grammatically singular.

So, a discussion started, many arguments were presented supporting both
possibilities (i.e. whether it should be considered grammatically singular
or plural), and of course, no agreement finally was reached.

I remember all this for sure..

But that discussion, was about the use of {Hoch} on its own. During the
three years, this list had the unfortune of me being here, I don't remember
ever a discussion taking place with regards whether constructions as {Hoch
vIghro'} or {Hoch vIghro'mey} are singular or plural. I don't remember ever
any doubt about them.

And in every klingon message I've read, people treat {Hoch singular noun}
as singular, and {Hoch plural noun} as plural.

~ m. qunen'oS
Ca'Non cures everything
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