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> PUN:
> Japanese light soy sauce (often served in restaurants) is called Usu sauce
> (usu-kuchi shoya).

Do we know what {'uSu} actually looks like? Another possibility is the
"yuzu" plant, which is also used to make various sauces:

However, if this is a pun, I don't believe it was invented by Okrand. He
was backfitting a line from the DS9 episode "Melora". In fact, the line, as
retrofit, makes no sense in {ta' Hol}.

BASHIR: Let's see we'll have some racht of course
CHEF: Racht.
(A handful of worms plonked onto a plate)
BASHIR: And a double order of gladst. No sauce please.
CHEF: Gladst usu bal.
BASHIR: And a side order of zilm'kach. Is that too much for two?
CHEF: Zilm'kach.
(He puts some apricot pieces on the plate and hands it over.)
CHEF: Drak doo.

{raHta'}, {tlhatlh}, {'uSu'}, {bal}, and {tlhImqach} were all backfits to
the dialogue as written.

{tlhatlh 'uSu' bal} would, of course, mean "gladst, a bottle of sauce" and
not "gladst, no sauce"!

"Drak doo" could be some kind of Klingon dialect for {DaH yIDIl}.

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