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On 3/26/2019 11:24 AM, nIqolay Q wrote:
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>     No, but I didn't say he can't say his sentence because Klingon
>     pronouns can't be used without an antecedent. Indeed, I didn't say
>     he can't say that sentence. He was pushing the boundary of what
>     was acceptable, because he claimed his proposed pronoun *'oH* was
>     referring to an antecedent *ngoDvam* that wasn't present in the
>     sentence, but what he was doing was functionally equivalent to
>     using *'e'* as a subject, which definitely /isn't/ allowed.
>     If you have to say it this way, just state *ngoDvam* outright and
>     you'll have a much stronger sentence.
> I'm not sure Klingon is quite so strict.

I'm not being strict. I've said more than once now that it's 
grammatical, but not necessarily the best sentence you can make. mayqel 
asked if he could say something, and I said yes, but you may want to 
consider such-and-such.


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