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> No, but I didn't say he can't say his sentence because Klingon pronouns
> can't be used without an antecedent. Indeed, I didn't say he can't say that
> sentence. He was pushing the boundary of what was acceptable, because he
> claimed his proposed pronoun *'oH* was referring to an antecedent
> *ngoDvam* that wasn't present in the sentence, but what he was doing was
> functionally equivalent to using *'e'* as a subject, which definitely
> *isn't* allowed.
> If you have to say it this way, just state *ngoDvam* outright and you'll
> have a much stronger sentence.
I'm not sure Klingon is quite so strict. There are examples where an
unspecified third-person subject is taken to be a previous sentence or
previously-mentioned situation. For instance, there's the TKD phrase
*Do'Ha'*, translated as "that is unfortunate" in the useful phrases list.
With your stricter interpretation, it would probably have to be *Do'Ha'
ghu'vetlh* or *Do'Ha' wanI'vetlh*.

(I'm sure there are other examples, but it's not easy to search for them...)
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