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Mon Mar 11 12:38:13 PDT 2019

On 3/11/2019 2:41 PM, Will Martin wrote:
> Remember that Klingon doesn’t have articles. The presence of articles 
> varies a lot by language, and there are arbitrary times in each 
> language that has articles when articles are needed. French requires 
> them more often than English. Malasian doesn’t have them at all. 
> Turkish doesn’t have them. ASL doesn’t have them.
> The difference between the awkward “I enter the here” and the less 
> awkward “I enter here” is all about the definite article, which is 
> definitely unnecessary for “here”, since there is only one “here” in 
> the Universe, defined by deictic reference of the statement that 
> contains it. The Universe is full of places that are somebody’s 
> “here”, but MY “here” is unique (even if it’s scope might be a bit vague).
> Imagine two people planning a military operation, looking at a map. 
> The index finger points to the spot defining “Here”. “You enter here.”
> Does that seem awkward to you?

Except that isn't expressed by *naDev Da'el;*//it's expressed by *naDev 
bI'el.* The former is like "you enter this place"; the latter is "at 
this place, you enter (some other thing I'm talking about)."


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