[tlhIngan Hol] puvlu'meH nger, pumlu'meH He ghap

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Mon Mar 11 11:31:12 PDT 2019

[qatlh mu’ <<qelI’qam>> Hutlh boQwI’?] 


qelI’qam ‘Ivvo' QujmeH moQ yIchagh.

qaS nuq?

pumba’. Do ‘oH nuq? tlham chut pabnIS moQ.

chung. moQ Da’uchHa’choH, pagh juv Do. qaSpu’DI’ wa’ lup 3.1415656195 ‘uj pumpu’. tlhoS chungtaH…

pumtaHvIS, moQ bIngDaq moQ Hevo’ muD SIp vIHnISmoH moQ. chungnIS SIpvam. chungmo’ jeDchoH; ‘ughchoH. chungtaH moQ, ‘ach loQ nupchoH chungtaHghachvam.

chungtaHvIS moQ, nup chungtaHghachvam. jaSHa’ ngI’DI' moQ, SIp je, chungbe’ moQ. wa’ Do Suq. wa’ Do vIHtaH. [Terminal Velocity] — Do vuSlu'pu’bogh chav moQ. 

chIch QuQ Hutlhbogh muD Duj yIchagh. tera’Daq muD Duj ghIch yIQeq.

qaS nuq?

pumba’. Do ‘oH nuq?

pumchoHDI’, moQ rur muDDuj, ‘ach jaS jeDchoH muD Duj. tel bIng muD jeD law’ tel Dung muD jeD puS. 

muD Duj tlhuQDaq telHom DungDaq jeDchoH muD. telHom Dung muD jeD law’ telHom bIng muD jeD puS. lolchoH muD Duj.

muD Duj ghIch peplu’. muD Duj tlhuQ pepHa’lu’. qughDo SuqDI' muD Duj, Do vuSlu’pu’bogh chavpu’bogh moQ’e’ rur, ‘ach pumbe’. puv.

QIt pum. nom puv.

QuQ chellu’chugh, pumbe’chu’laH muD Duj. toSlaH.

The angle of incidence of the wing makes the leading edge higher than the trailing edge, while the angle of incidence of the horizontal stabilizer in the tail makes the leading edge lower than the trailing edge, so oncoming relative wind raises the wing and lowers the tail until flight attitude in a glider is nearly level with the horizon as the glider reaches Terminal Velocity. Properly trimmed, the pilot does nothing. The glider WANTS to fly at cruising attitude and cruising speed.

That’s a better description of the physics of flight than was offered me in High School Physics and in the pilot training materials I’ve seen. Those models (the stupid idea that the Bernoulli Effect creates lift, coupled with the weird cross showing Lift vs. Gravity and Thrust vs. Drag fail to explain how gliders fly or how airplanes fly inverted (with the pilots pushing the stick waaaaay forward to sustain flight, using the elevators to counteract the angle of incidence of the wing and horizontal stabilizers).

I won’t try to explain stalls and spins in Klingon. I could, but jeez. This was hard enough.

charghwI’ vaghnerya’ngan

rInpa’ bomnIS be’’a’ pI’.

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