[tlhIngan Hol] Verbs of measure

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 04:01:53 PDT 2019

> And this is why I sometimes intentionally break this rule because there is no real language-related reason that you can’t

I find this "logic" flawed.

We can't have the criterion of "why okrand created whatever rule", and
then decide which rules we should keep, and which ones discard.

Perhaps okrand created a rule in order to canonize someone's mistake..
Perhaps he created a rule, believing it to be necessary for the
language.. Perhaps he created a rule, because seven cats were meowing
in concert under his window while he was trying to sleep..

Whatever the case though, since he has made up his mind, we need to accept it.

Agreeing with De'vID, who recently wrote that some "just-because"
rules add character to the language, I can't understand why there is a
need to break any rules to begin with.

Why do we need to transliterate ? When did okrand say, that we should
do so ? Why do we need to break the -Daq rule ? Why do we need to use
type-7 in a sao ?

If okrand wanted to allow the use of type-7s in a sao, then he could
say something like "as centuries go by, within the empire the use of
type-7s in a sao gradually increases and is becoming something

But he hasn't said something like that..

If we start breaking the rules, then soon we will not be able to
communicate with each other.

~ m. qunen'oS
I find ca'non inadherence disturbing

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