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> He did think of that, at least four times.

Make that "at least five times":

> *ghIq jach qa'rol*
> *    maQ 'oH*
> *    HemHa'choH 'ej cho'choH moratlh*
> *Then the qa'rol raises voice*
> *    The signal for Morath*
> *    To lose his pride and claim a throne.*
(paq'batlh, book paq'yav, Canto 5, lines 10-12)

*maQ 'oH* is a different sort of example, because it uses a
pronoun-as-copula instead of a pronomial prefix, but it's another example
of a previous statement (*jach qa'rol*) being referred to in the subject as
"it". From context, it seems clear that the signal is the qa'rol crying
out, rather than just the qa'rol itself, so *'oH* must be referring to the
whole act and not merely *qa'rol*.
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