[tlhIngan Hol] New Words and Grammar Points from qep'a' cha'maH javDIch

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> Your first paragraph is the argument in favor of *be refined, fancy, not
> boorish,* while your second paragraph is the argument in favor of
> restricting the verb entirely to a cultural sense.
> For instance, could I say *'uSqan Hoy** refined iron,* or would that only
> refer to culturally fancy iron? Given the original request, I suspect not,
> but the written clarification on the new words page is poorly positioned.
*toH, HIvqa' veqlargh*. I had somehow forgotten that "refined" had a
meaning that didn't apply to culture, and figured that, out of the three
glosses, only "sophisticated" would need such a clarification. *wej
bIvemchu'pu'chugh, tlhIngan Hol yIta'Qo'.*
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