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On Thu, Jul 4, 2019 at 9:18 AM mayqel qunen'oS <mihkoun at gmail.com> wrote:
> if someone participates at the rttp, he's willing to ask with regards
> to *what* he needs to translate, how to proceed, and from which
> manuscript to translate. However, if someone is unwilling to
> participate, he won't care, and he will follow his own choices.

No, people can translate whatever they want, from whatever they want. I'm
very easy going.
If someone else really wanted to start translating Mathew from the Greek, I
wouldn't stop them.
I'd probably ask why they think we need two translations of the same text,
but I wouldn't stop them.

Sure, I'll eventually need to establish some sort of guidelines, but those
will mostly come into effect if/when we were to actually publish something.
My only current guidelines would be not to insert science fiction into the
text. We don't need targs showing up.

> Perhaps, one day your rttp will be complete; it's possible. But it
> will never succeed. And do you know why ? Different parts will be
> translated by different people, people who are differently skilled,
> people having each one of them different writing style. And likely,
> they will be using heretic sources.

Let's say that in the next 5 years we manage to get the entire Bible
translated, and the KLI wishes to publish it.
At that time, each of the translations would be proofread and edited. Parts
that could be improved upon would be improved upon.
Works that are decades old would be updated with new vocabulary that didn't
exist at the time.
Just like how Hamlet was updated when it went to paperback.
So while the initial translations may be done by people with varying kill
levels, we're not going to publish a substandard work.

As far as source materials go, only so many people know Greek and Klingon
and are willing to translate the Bible.
I simply don't have a team of skilled linguists at my disposal.
So, yes, I'll take translations from Swedish.
Or is something else a "heretic source"? Because I can't read Greek, so I
have to read the Bible in English...

The Bible was written by several people. I have no problem with it being
translated by several people.

> So, what will the rttp finally have achieved ? A heterogeneous
> passage, likely a heretic one too, which will be useful only in order
> to impress beginners at facebook.

I'm sure it would be a very impressive feat to translate a work of that

> and this will be unfortunate..
> I've never held in high regard such a project, and I never wished to
> participate in one. However, unfortunately, if I keep adding my
> translation here and in the wiki, unavoidably it will become part of
> the rttp. So, I've created my own site, and I'll be posting there my
> translation.
> https://newtestamentinklingon.wordpress.com

I'm confused again.
The goal of the RTTP is to translate religious texts into Klingon.
And that is what you are doing.
So, how are you not participating in such a project?
Even if you translated the entire New Testament by yourself in isolation,
you would still be translating a religious text into Klingon.
I'm not criticizing you. I'm just confused. I feel like I'm missing

> I've deleted from the wiki the already translated parts, and I ask
> that noone restores them.

I really wish you didn't. But that is your choice.
I had to do a lot of digging to find the texts that I did.
My main reason for putting them all on the wiki is to keep them from
getting lost again.
I was worried that my laptop would crash, and everything would vanish. So I
put them all online at a central source.
If someday you die or your WordPress site gets deleted, we could lose your
text. And that would be a great loss.
It has happened before that people have announced large projects and then
vanished before sharing them.
Since 2002, when I first discovered the KLI, I have been hoarding Bible
translations on my hard drive (and printing them out into binders).
I've already lost track of some of the Psalms. I don't want to lose
anything else.

By all means post on your other site.
But I would really appreciate being able to archive your work for later
generations on the wiki.
Feel free to put bold text stating that your translation is not an official
part of the RTTP.
List all of the disclaimers that you want.

> Because I've chosen this course, I'm sorry. But one thing is certain:
> If I didn't act this way, then soon, we'd have the same all over: I'd
> write again something with regards to this translation, someone would
> become irritated, he'd insult me, I'd react, and we'd all live again
> the same situation.

Is this about me or just an imaginary future person?
Just hoping that you don't feel like I am irritated or insulting you.
I'm confused. But I'm not irritated. And I have no reason to insult you or
your translation.
You have translated much more of the Bible than I probably ever will.
For that, I praise you.

> Seemingly/apparently, we're all on the same side here, yet we can't
> stop being at each other's throat. This is sad, and I've become quite
> fed up by this situation. I've real-life problems to deal with, and
> perhaps so do you, so I don't want to quarrel anymore. Someone needs
> to actually enjoy his hobby; but if he constantly becomes irritated by
> it, then something is seriously fracked up.

Again, I hope this isn't about me, but is about other replies you've gotten.

You and I are certainly on the same side.
The side of seeing more and more of the Bible translated into Klingon.

I have no quarrel with you or anyone else on this list.
Your hobby is translating thing into Klingon.
My hobby is collecting translations.
My hobby kind of dies if people aren't generating new translations.
So please, keep translating, and keep posting your translations.

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