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mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Thu Jul 4 06:18:29 PDT 2019

qaStaHvIS latlh QInmey ghom, pa' jIghItlhta'; jIjatlhpu':
> I don't participate in the RTTP, and I've never said, that I would
> participate there. If I wanted to participate there, I would translate
> the king james version. I've started this translation for myself, and
> as soon as I'd started it, naHqun and lieven suggested that I add this
> to the wiki, so I agreed. But I couldn't care less about the RTTP.

'ej jangtaHvIS *naHqun, ghItlhpu'; jatlhpu':
> You are literally translating a book of the Bible into Klingon.
> And then posting your work to the KLI's mailing list.
> I'm not sure what distinction you are trying to make here.

Do'Ha', naDev jIghItlhtaHvIS, 'elaDya' Hol vIlo'law' pIj 'e' vIHar..
It often seems like, I'm writing in Greek here..

qay'be'.. jIQIjqa'..
no problem.. I'll explain again..

qaStaHvIS rttp, jeSchugh vay', ghelqang 'ej jatlhqang: nuq vImughnIS ?
chay' jIruchnIS'a' ? ghItlh Sar vImughnISbogh yIngu'. 'ach jeSQo'chugh
vay', SaHbe', 'ej wIvmeyDaj tlhIn qaSmoH.

if someone participates at the rttp, he's willing to ask with regards
to *what* he needs to translate, how to proceed, and from which
manuscript to translate. However, if someone is unwilling to
participate, he won't care, and he will follow his own choices.

chaq, wa' jaj naQchoHpu' *rttp*raj; qIt. 'ach not Qapchu'. 'ej meq
boSov'a' ? tlhIHvaD meqvam vIDel boneH'a' ? ghItlhmey pIm mughpu'
nuvpu' pIm; jaS po' Hoch nuv, 'ej ghItlhtaHvIS, Ho'DoSDaj tlhIn lo'.
'ej ghaytan, christianity ngeb ghItlhmey lo'. vaj, tagha' nuq lIngpu'
*rttp* ? 'ay'mey pImqu' ghItlh.. 'ej ghaytan christianity ngeb ghItlh
'oH je. 'ej chay' lo'laH ? Doj 'e' luHar facebook learn klingon ghom
taghwI'pu' neH.

Perhaps, one day your rttp will be complete; it's possible. But it
will never succeed. And do you know why ? Different parts will be
translated by different people, people who are differently skilled,
people having each one of them different writing style. And likely,
they will be using heretic sources.

So, what will the rttp finally have achieved ? A heterogeneous
passage, likely a heretic one too, which will be useful only in order
to impress beginners at facebook.

'ej Do'Ha'bej ghu'vam..
and this will be unfortunate..

not Sarvam jInmol vIQejpu'; qaStaHvIS Sarvam jInmol, pa' jIjeS not 'e'
vIjIn. 'ach, Do'Ha', mughlI'ghachwIj lungaSchugh QIn tetlhvam tlhIngan
wI'qIy je, rttp 'ay' 'oHchoH.. DuHvam junlaHbe' vay'. vaj, 'Internet
Daq tlhIn vIchenmoHta', 'ej pa' mughlI'ghachwIj vIchellI'.

I've never held in high regard such a project, and I never wished to
participate in one. However, unfortunately, if I keep adding my
translation here and in the wiki, unavoidably it will become part of
the rttp. So, I've created my own site, and I'll be posting there my


wI'qIy turwI'Daq, 'ay'mey vImughpu'bogh vIngabmoHpu', 'ej narghqa'
'ay'meyvam 'e' qaSmoH pagh, 'e' vIpoQ.

I've deleted from the wiki the already translated parts, and I ask
that noone restores them.


wIvDaj vIqaSnISmoHpu', jIQoS, 'ej chaq loQ jI'IQ. 'ach, bej wa' ngoD:
wIvvam vIqaSmoHbe' net jalchugh, vaj tugh, qaS wanI' nIb: mughlI'ghach
bopbogh vay' vIghItlh, 'ej berghqu'choH vay'.. mutIch, jIvangqa', 'ej
ghu' nIb wISIQqa'. Do'Ha' QapHa' nughmaj. boqwI'pu' maHlaw', 'ej rut
maHIvchuq. jIDoy'qu'choH, 'ej jIpuQqu'. qaStaHvIS yInwIj, qay'bejbogh
ghu'mey law' vIbamnIS, (chaq rapbogh ghu'mey bobamnIS je), vaj naDev
jISolQo'. bel Qu' tIvqu'nIS vay'; 'ach DuberghmoHtaHchugh bel Qu'lIj,
vaj waS vay' jay'..

Because I've chosen this course, I'm sorry. But one thing is certain:
If I didn't act this way, then soon, we'd have the same all over: I'd
write again something with regards to this translation, someone would
become irritated, he'd insult me, I'd react, and we'd all live again
the same situation.

Seemingly/apparently, we're all on the same side here, yet we can't
stop being at each other's throat. This is sad, and I've become quite
fed up by this situation. I've real-life problems to deal with, and
perhaps so do you, so I don't want to quarrel anymore. Someone needs
to actually enjoy his hobby; but if he constantly becomes irritated by
it, then something is seriously fracked up.

~ hjkhjkh

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