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ghItlhpu' mayqel, jatlh:
> mu'mey neHbogh poQlaH Hoch vIlle'. DIbDaj.
> It's the right of every fan, to request the words which he wants.

Before I respond, poQ means "demand" in the sense of "require, necessitate" (and I hope that's not genuinely reflective of the attitude you take towards requests to Marc). You need tlhob here, which is "ask (for), request".

'ach tlhoblaHchugh vay', ngoy'nISqu' je. jIjatlhqa'qu': wa' loD neH ghaH 'oqranD'e'. SochmaH ben boghpu'. Qu'Daj DeqvaD 'utlh mojpu' 'ej DaH leSpoHDaj tIvlaH, vaj loQ vumbe'choH 'e' bajchu'. DIbmeyDaj tlhIn'e' Davuvbej'a' je? toy'wI''a'ma' ghaHbe'chu'. qaStaHvIS cha'maH vagh DIS'e' nuQaHtaH, wIvuvtaHmo', wIbojbe'mo', mayep'eghmoHmo', mawoghbe''eghmoHmo'. ghaHvaD pu'jIn paq wInoblaH 'ej majatlhlaH «DaH tera' Hoch vengmey tIpongchu' 'ej tlhIngan Hol yIlo'». DuH. 'ach wIta'chugh, qaS nuq? qaStaHvIS cha'maH vagh tup'e' nucherghtaH 'e' DaHarbej'a'?

(Tangentially, I note that you used jaSHa' in your response to ghunchu'wI'. I was the one who openly asked Marc about the possibility of jaSHa' and the productivity of a couple of other -Ha'-adverbs at qep'a' 2012. Do you think my time would have been better spent asking him to transliterate "Samuel Taylor Coleridge" for me for the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, a project that was more personally pressing for me?)

jIjatlhpu' jIH:
> What about when someone goes onto the Old Testament? The Qur'an? More Shakespeare?

jangtaH mayqel:
> qaSchugh wanI'vam, vaj mu'mey neHbogh poQlaH vay'vam je.

quSDaq bIba'. jaS qaghel: pong DaneHbogh SoH potlh law' latlh pongmey potlh puS 'e' DaHar'a', tlhobwI' wa'DIch SoHmo' neH?

>mapoQ ghorgh net bot ?

'ej tlhoblu' net botbe'ba'. 'ach 'oqranD wItlhobchugh, motlh (matlh jupna' DImojbe'chugh - vabDot rut matlh jupna' DImojqu'chugh je) maHvaD neH wItlhobbe'. tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI' nugh naQvaD wItlhob. wa' Dol nIvDaq matay'DI' maQap. meqvetlhmo' KLI chabal tetlhDaq vuDmey law' luboSlu', 'oqranDvaD nobmeH chabal'a'na''e' luwuqlu'pa'. (...'ej qechvetlh vIqeltaHvIS, latlh vay' mutlhojmoH: pongvam DaneHqu'chugh, qatlh poStaHqu'bogh KLI chabal tetlhDaq Dachelbe'ta'qu'?)

>And as long as transliterating goes, I will repeat once more..
>I don't care if god almighty, all his angels, all his saints, and
>satan with all the demons of hell, speak in klingon.

'ej Heghpu'DI' 'oqranD, Dor tlhIngan Hol DaneH'a'? qechlIj Dalobchu'qu'taHqu'chugh, qaSbej wanI'vetlh. pongmey'e' wej lughqu'moHpu'bogh 'oqranD lulajlu'Qo' qaStaHvIS 'u' yIn. 'e' Damaqchu' DaneHlaw'. vuSqu' vuDvetlh SIbI'Ha' 'e' Datlhoj 'e' vItul.

'ej latlh vay''e' - QInwIj vorghDaq vay''e' vIjatlhpu'qu'bogh - SIbI'Ha' DatlhojchoH je: Bible Damughchu'taHvIS "Jesus Christ" 'oHbe'qu' pong mob'e'. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, Mary, James, Judas, Philip, Pontius Pilate, Barnabas, Zebedee, Simon, Saul, David, Joseph, Thomas, Bartholomew, Caiaphas, Ananias, Zechariah, Zacchaeus, Anna, Sapphira, Agabus, Apollos, Martha, Barabbas, Nicodemus, Lazarus, Herod, Stephen, Silas, Timothy, Titus, Felix, Drusilla, Canaan, Jordan, Israel, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Damascus, Tyre, Jericho, Gaza, Golgotha, Caesarea, Philadelphia, Troas, Tarsus, Joppa, Capernaum, Antioch, Bethsaida, Arimathea, Bethany, Patmos, Pergamos, Galilee, Dalmanutha, Magdala, Antalya, Sardis, Corinth, Athens, latlh law' je Dalo'nIS 'ej tugh Dalo'nISchoHbejqu'. SoHvaD Hoch bIH lughqu'moH je 'oqranD DaneH'a'? bIHvaD nab DachernISbejtaHqu' je, Jesus pong ghItlhmeH tlhIngan Hol ngutlhmey lo'chugh 'oqranD pagh lo'be'chugh.

>'ej muSujqu' ghu'vam; muSujbej.. DIvI' Hol ngutlhmey vItamQo'mo', 'ej
>DaqchajDaq tlhIngan ngutlhmey vIlanQo'mo', jIQIj'eghnIS ?

SoHvaD neH bImughchugh mIw Dalo'bogh vISaHbe'qu'. Hoch DaneHbogh yIchav. jISaHbe'qu' 'e' vIlay'. 'ach latlhvaD bImughchugh, HIja', SIbI'Ha' mIwlIj DaHubnISlaH.

>chutmey vIpabqang jIQIj'eghnIS ?

There are no rules or laws on how to render foreign names into Klingon. Nothing of the sort exists anywhere in canon and you're not ever going to hear me say otherwise. What we've developed here on the list is just a series of conventions to avoid causing unnecessary confusion and we generally suggest that traffic on the list follows that convention. When you're translating, though, you are free to follow any convention you choose, so long as you do it consistently and coherently.

By the way, I wasn't seeking to attack you in my email at all. I only sought to point out that from a "canon name" point of view you have bigger issues than just the name of Jesus, and that I, for my part, believe that the quite limited time we can spend asking Marc to develop Klingon is spent in more productive areas than him transliterating mere proper names that aren't Klingon words, aren't known to be culturally relevant to Klingon, and are very often transliterations to begin with (to take the Bible as an example, any form of the name "Matthew" not written in Hebrew or Aramaic script is already a transliteration anyway, so it's essentially a moot point as to whether the Klingon goes with mattISya''u from the Tiberian Hebrew or mattItlhya'Hu from the hypothesised Biblical Hebrew or mattlha'yoS from the Greek or ma'tlhIw from the English so long as you keep it consistent), and that you should feel at liberty to go with a transliteration-based approach if you wish to because it would help avoid having, as you openly complained about, to write "*Jesus*" all the time. I brought the thought up also with the wishlist in my mind, since several names for Terran cities and states and countries have been requested and I believe that those are equally not very useful (since we can already see from TNK what the general pattern is for such things). As such, my email was a suggestion, and not only in the context of you in particular. But you've definitely lost some of my goodwill in the aggressively-defensive and, to be frank, somewhat nasty attitude in your responses to me and others here. I don't appreciate being spoken to in that way.

QeS 'utlh
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