[tlhIngan Hol] How would you express "root of a tree" ?

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Mon Jul 15 00:10:26 PDT 2019

ghunchu'wI' De'vID je,


the phenomenon of noone actually using klingon on this list, has been
described by other people too, starting decades ago. charghwI' and
krankor have talked about it, from times I wasn't even here. So, go
pin elsewhere, the why-noone-writes/replies-in klingon.


In real life, real people often curse and use offensive phrases, and
if klingon is to be used as a real language, it needs to be used that
way too. If this is a problem for you, then perhaps you should move to
a planet where people do nothing else, than wear klingon t-shirts and
sing all day "may gowron lead the empire".


ghunchu'wi' you wrote, that I don't accept the advice of others.
You're wrong. If it concerns grammar, then I *do* accept it. But I
will not accept, a personal opinion, e.g on transliterating, just
because someone wants to behave as my personal boss.

Unless 'oqranD retires, and the community selects a
successor/successors in his place, I have no obligation of accepting
the choices/personal opinions of others. So, they'll have to satisfy
their ego elsewhere.


the above in klingon:

ghunchu'wI' De'vID je,


maH DIS law' ret, wa' QIn tetlhvam wanI' luDelpu' 'op nuv. naDev
tlhIngan Hol lulo' nuv puSqu'. wanI'vam luDellpu' charghwI' krankor
je. 'ej ngugh naDev jIjeSbe'. vaj wanI'vam boQIj boneHchugh, nuv
pImDaq pIch yIlan.


qaStaHvIS yInna', mu'qaDmey bach nuvpu', 'ej Qutbogh mu'tlheghmey lo'.
Holna' oHchugh tlhIngan Hol'e', vaj wanI'vam chIwnIS je. thlIHvaD
qay'chugh, vaj lalth yuQ yIDabchoH. pa', tlhIngan wepmey tuQtaH
nuvpu', 'ej bomtaH: wo' DevtaHjaj ghawran.


latlhpu' qeS vIlajbe'. bIghItlhpu' ghunchu'wI', 'a bImuj. pab
luboptaHvIS mu'meychaj, qeSchaj vIlaj. 'ach vuDmey tlhIn (ghantoH:
tlhIngan ngutlhmey qa'meH) vIlajnISbe', 'ej vIpabQo'. pIn'a'pu'wI'
luDa 'op nuvpu', 'ach pIn'a'pu'wI' chaHbe'bej.

'utlhwI' mojchugh 'oqranD, 'ej cho'wI' cho'wI'pu' joq lajchugh nugh,
vaj paQDI'norghDaj paQDI'norghchaj joq vIlaj. qaSpu'pa' wanI'vam, pagh
vuD tlhIn vIlajnIS. vaj, jaS chabalchaj nguq chavnIS 'op nuv.

~ hjkhkj

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