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Mon Jul 8 10:06:15 PDT 2019

On 7/8/2019 12:31 PM, nIqolay Q wrote:
> (*tu'HomI'raH* also seems like it might be a stronger sentiment than 
> *lI'be'*, since it's a very long root word, and Klingons tend towards 
> conciseness. Even *lI'be'wI'* would be shorter. I feel like 
> something's uselessness would have to be pretty noteworthy to warrant 
> all those syllables.)

I don't think this is a worthwhile argument to make. It is not the case 
that words with fewer syllables are less strong than words with more. 
I'd be more persuaded by an argument that words with fewer syllables are 
more common than words with more syllables, but even then we have words 
like *Ha'DIbaH* and *men.* For all we know, the etymology of 
*tu'HomI'raH* is that there were two guys named *tu'Hom* and *'I'raH* 
who were particularly *lI'be',* and got a word named after them. Or 
maybe the word just sounds more aesthetically appropriate to a Klingon ear.


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