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> Can someone explain, what's the difference (if any) between {Duj lI'be}
> and {tu'HomI'raH Duj} ?

*tu'HomI'raH Duj *doesn't necessarily imply that the ship is useless. It
could apply to a ship carrying useless things, or a ship owned by a useless
person (*vIqawchu'chugh*, the use on the Klingon CD shows *tu'HomI'raH* can
be used as an insult).

(*tu'HomI'raH* also seems like it might be a stronger sentiment than
*lI'be'*, since it's a very long root word, and Klingons tend towards
conciseness. Even *lI'be'wI'* would be shorter. I feel like something's
uselessness would have to be pretty noteworthy to warrant all those
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