[tlhIngan Hol] pseudo-Klingon words from the paq'batlh

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 08:20:40 PDT 2019


law'qu' Doch DayajlaHbe'bogh..
many are the things which you don't understand..

wa'DIch: wa' mu' neH vIpoQpu'
first: I've asked for just one word

> I find it curious that you apparently expect Marc Okrand to be so interested in your project that he gives you the time and
> attention to create words he didn’t come up with for several other Bible translation projects that have existed in the past
> It’s that I don’t understand why you believe your project is so important to everybody else that other people’s interest in
> developing the Klingon vocabulary should get in line behind you, so that you get to have your names and words before anyone
> else does

mu'mey law' DapoQ, jIHvaD bIjatlh. nuqDaq mu'meyvam law' vIpoQpu' ?
jIHvaD Daqvam pup yIcha' pagh pumlIj yIngup. wIv cha'DIch qaq.

You say that I request *words* (plural). Where have I asked for "many"
words ? Show me where. Show me the exact location, or you'd better
swallow your accusation.

I'm waiting..

'ej jIjatlhqa'; mu'mey poQ Hoch vIlle'; DIbDaj.
and I will say again; its the right of every fan to request whatever he wants.


> You not only don’t need anybody’s help. You don’t WANT anybody’s help…

bISagh'a' ? pab vIyajmeH 'arlogh jIghelta' ?
are you serious ? how many times have I asked as far as grammar is concerned ?

> and the King James version is full of arcane language carefully crafted to support the political interests of King James and his
> heirs; to support the superiority of the male gender and of those who believe and obey the church, giving the king and the church
> the benefit of a sense of debt that all others must pay, lest one suffer eternal damnation, etc.

vItchugh ngoDvam, vaj king james Sar vIvup. *orthodox* paq vImugh,
orthodox liturgical ghItlh 'oHmo' paqvam'e'. DaH, chaq, SoHvaD,
orthodox christianity vIt heretic christianity Sarmey vIQIjlaH.. 'ach
jIHvaD Dajbe' ngoQvam.

if this is true, then I pity the king james version. I'm translating
the orthodox new testament, because it is an orthodox liturgical text.
Now, perhaps, I could explain to you the difference between orthodoxy
and heretical varieties of christianity, but I just don't care..

> to fulfill your fantasy?

'o charghwI', charghwI'..

taghwI' jIHtaHvIS, roD jaSHa' mutIchta'.. 'ej mutIchqa'ta'.. 'ach, DaH
pImchu' ghu'..

*fantasy*qoqvam vIturchu'. 'ej wa' jaj, mab'a' chu' Hoch vImughta'..
Sun vIghajmo', qapmeH laH vIghajmo', tlhIngan Hol vIlo'laHmo', ngoQwIj

vaj, chopIlmoHqu'pu'mo' qatlho'..

chomevlaHbe', 'ej meq DaSov'a' ? SoHvaD vIDel DaneH'a' ? naDev,
tlhIngan Hol wIlo'taHvIS, Hoch luboplaH mu'meymaj.. Hoch'e'.

While I was a beginner, you had a habit of insulting me similarly,
again and again.. but now things are different..

I *will* fulfill this "fantasy", and I *will* translate the entire new
testament.. Because I have the discipline, the persistence, and
because I can use the language.

So, thank you for motivating me further..

You can't stop this, and you know why ? Because, here, while we're
writing in klingon we can write about anything.

'ej jIloStaH.. nuqDaq mughlI'ghachvamvaD mu'mey law' vIpoQpu' ?
chopumpu', vaj mu'meylIj yItob.
and I'm still waiting.. where have I asked for this translation "many"
words ? since you wrote that I did, prove it.

..'ej bIjangchugh, tlhIngan Hol yIlo' je; tlhIngan Hol lubopbe'chugh
vay' mu'mey, vaj tlhIngan Hol lo'nISlu'. naDev chutmey tu'lu' 'e'

.. and if you reply, use klingon. if someone's words don't concern the
language, then he needs to use klingon. there *are* rules here, you

~ hjkhjkhjk

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