[tlhIngan Hol] pseudo-Klingon words from the paq'batlh

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Tue Jul 2 07:23:15 PDT 2019

On 7/2/2019 9:35 AM, mayqel qunen'oS wrote:
> *You*  (plural "you") have taught me this language, and*you*  have
> taught me to follow the rules. Perhaps you created a monster. But it's
> the way*you*  taught me, so deal with it.

There's following the rules, and then there's understanding why the 
rules exist.

The rule for this list is not to transliterate names without some sort 
of hint to the reader that that's what you've done. This rule exists 
because this list has an educational aspect to it, and someone learning 
the language and coming across a phrase like *yeSu QIStoS* might 
uselessly search through lists of vocabulary trying to find what this 
means. And the only reason we need the rule is because you can't 
capitalize Klingon to show what is a proper noun.

The rule is /not/ that you can't transliterate names into Klingon. You 
clearly can. Understand what a transliteration is. It's not a vocabulary 
word. It's a foreign word that someone has changed to make it fit better 
with the sounds or writing system of the target language. Okrand does 
this all the time. **qIrq** is not a Klingon word or name, whether I 
show it in Klingon pronunciation like that. But when a Klingon 
pronounces it, it's going to sound like *qIrq.* Remember, the writing 
system we use is how Klingons /pronounce/ words, not how they write them.

Imagine someone were translating a story from Chinese to English. They 
translate all the words and write them in Latin characters, but they 
keep Chinese characters for all the names. Who does that? If you didn't 
read Chinese, you couldn't even guess at how the names sounded.

So feel free to transliterate names in your own translations. Or don't. 
Names foreign to your language are often difficult to pronounce, even if 
you use the same script. Welsh names are famously difficult for English 
speakers to pronounce, but that doesn't mean that every Welsh name is 
transliterated into English when you're translating from Welsh to English.

But if you choose not to transliterate, don't over-punctuate the names. 
They're obviously foreign; there's no need to mark them.

    *tagha' mob Húrin. yoDDaj woH 'ej 'obmaQ Qach; cha' ghop lo'. bomlu'
    'ej jatlhlu' Gothmog /troll/ 'avwI'pu' 'Iw qIjDaq tlhIch ghIt
    'obmaQ. raghpu'pa' 'oH, HoHDI' Húrin, reH jach; jatlh «/Aurë
    entuluva!/ cheghbej jaj!» SochmaHlogh mu'tlheghvetlh jach. tagha'
    ghaH jonlu'. yIjon 'ach yIHoHQo' jatlhpu' Morgoth. Húrin lu'uchmeH
    ghopDu'chaj lo' Orcpu'. DeSchaj pe' ghaH 'ej chev, vabDot lu'uchtaH
    ghopmeyvetlh. reH vI' Orcpu'. tagha' Dojmey bIngDaq pum ghaH.*


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