[tlhIngan Hol] difference between {ta'} and {voDleH}

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Mon Jul 1 08:21:46 PDT 2019

If you need to choose, I would use {voDleH} if only because {ta’} (accomplish) occurs often in Klingon as a suffix, verb, and noun as well as an element in other nouns:  e.g. {jonta'} engine, {lIngta'}  lingta (type of animal), {mellota'} Mellota (proper name), {mIqta'} machinery, {qoSta'} ribbon/tape, {raHta'} racht (type of food), {'evta'} type of animal similar to a  newt/salamander, etc.

OTOH if both words are still actively used in the “modern” language, {ta’} may be preferred for official ranks (e.g. {Voragh ta’} Emperor Voragh) since most common ranks or titles are one syllable words (HoD, Sa’, la’, joH, Qang, etc.).  That would leave {voDleH} available for descriptions or other statements  (e.g. tlhIngan wo’ voDleH wa’DIch ghaH qeylIS’e’ “Kahless was the first emperor of the Klingon Empire”).

[BTW I just overlooked another example of {ta’} in {ta'puq} “prince” from The Little Prince.]

From: mayqel qunen'oS
> I can’t see any real difference in usage. Can you?

Me neither.

I just *feel* as a more "formal" word the {voDleH} compared to the {ta'}, but of course this is just a "feeling".

What I do wonder though, is whether in a looong text e.g. the new testament, I should choose one of the two and stick with it, or use them interchangeably.

But I guess there's no answer to that.

But if there *is* one, qeylIS knows, I would like to hear it..

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