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> The even better question is, if these names don't come from 'oqranD, then
> why should we concern ourselves with them.

Because some of us are discussing Discovery in Klingon, so we're going to
use the words actually used in the show or in the subtitles whether they
come from Okrand or not. Also, to my knowledge, Okrand has never
contradicted any Klingon which has appeared on a show. He sort of makes a
point of accepting everything alleged to be Klingon spoken on a Star Trek
show as authentic Klingon, even if it may be dialectical or jargon or
ritually archaic or whatever. (Subtitles are a slightly different story,
though, since they're not actually spoken as Klingon in-universe.)

If someone were to say "Kelpian" in Klingon on the show in the future, I'd
be very surprised if the word doesn't match the one already used in the

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