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Or "Federation linguist" Marc Okrand was just wrong, thinking that Klingon uses the quality {chum} "be colorful" -- preferring a verb where "Federation Standard" uses a noun as it does so often.


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nIqolay Q:
> However, Klingon artists have found that a lot of off-worlders, 
> especially artists, use a noun for "color". To facilitate 
> communication about the arts, Klingon artists have started using a noun for "color": qalmuS.
> Maybe it was an archaic word that was brought back into use, like the 
> verb tlhogh. Or maybe it was originally an esoteric scientific word 
> having to do with photon energies or something.

..or in some parallel universe, klingons *do* have a word for color.
chaq, 'u' quqDaq color mu' lughajqu' tlhInganpu'

..or maltz was waiting for mankind to mature to disclose this word, because it has some higher esoteric meaning too.
chaq, mu'vam 'otHa'pu'pa' matlh, nenchoHpu' Human mut neH matlh, lalDan DI'onmey pegh ghajmo' je {qalmuS} mu'.

..or maltz ate some strange alien (i.e. terran) food, which made him confused and attributed to the word {qalmus} the meaning of "color", which was meant to describe something else.
chaq, novpu' (tera'nganpu') Soj Huj Soppu' matlh, vaj mISchoHpu', 'ej mu'vamvaD color jIyweS Delpu'; 'a DIvI' Hol mu' pImvaD {qalmoH} mu'
lo' 'e' Hech matlh.

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