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I had thought {mev} might've been similar to {meQ}, which can mean both
> "burn, be burning" and "burn, cause something burn".

Interestingly, in the paq'batlh, MO seems more consistent about using {meQ}
for "burn, be burning" and {meQmoH} for "burn, ignite something".


*Dogh ghaH 'e' Sov moratlh   'etlh DoQDI'   meQchu'pu' wo' che'rupbogh*

*Morath knows he has been a fool,   His promised kingdom will be ash   By
the time he claims the sword.*
(pages 64-65)


*jIbDaj lumeQmoHjIbDaj lumeQmoHqul bIQtIq qulHommey*

*jIbDaj lumeQmoH'ej bejtaHvISbaS moj jIb*

*Sparks from the fire riverCaught his hair,Caught his hair.*

*Caught his hairAnd turned to steelBefore his eyes.*
(pages 86-87)

*qeylIS Qaw' 'e' nIDmeHyerDaj weH molor'ej juH qachDaj meQmoH*

*Molor did not destroy KahlessBy burning his houseOr ravaging his lands.*
(pages 114-115)
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