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Slowly walking away, his eyes still glowed with the presence of the One, he
just communed with.

As the night embraced the hooded figure, with every step that he took, each
footprint became ablaze.

Vanishing through the gate, the wind carried the blessing:

This is the gate where tridents meet.
This is the gate where worlds diverge.
This is the gate where flesh transmutes.

And while the gate dissolved his body, ascending to the realms of his
Master, the forest acknowledged the glory of melkor:

(tlhIngan QIn 'ay' yIlegh)


QIt Daqvetlhvo' ghoS, 'ach wewtaH mInDu'Daj. ret puSqu', wa' lumojpu'
qa'pu'chaj, vaj *melkor*mo' wewtaH mInDu'Daj.

nachDaj vel velmeH Sut, 'ej loDvam tu'qom gheptaHvIS ram, yIttaHvIS loDvam,
meQchoHchu' Hoch waq vem.

lojmIt'a' chIqtaHvIS, 'ej pa' ngabtaHvIS, mu'meyDaj qengchoH SuS:

lojmIt'a'Daq neq wej QIn naQjejmey; lojmIt'a'vam 'oH lojmIt'a'vetlh'e'.
lojmIt'a'Daq, wa' qo'vo' ghoS latlh qo'; lojmIt'a'vam 'oH lojmIt'a'vetlh'e'.
lojmIt'a'Daq ghe'choHchu' Hom Somraw je; lojmIt'a'vam 'oH lojmIt'a'vetlh'e'.

porghDaj ngoStaHvIS lojmIt'a', 'ej pIn'a'Daj qo'meyDaq SaltaHvIS, melkor
ngay' maq ngem Hoch:

qIjchu', qIjchu', qIjchu'; qIjchu' joHma' qa'.
qIjchu', qIjchu', qIjchu'; qIjchu', joHma' ngay'.
qIjchu', qIjchu', qIjchu'; qIjchu', joHma' wo'.

~ qnqnqq
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