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> SuStel:
> > So QochHa' can mean undoing a state of  > disagreement, or it can mean
> disagreeing
> > with the wrong thing or at an
> > inappropriate time.
> I would like to discuss this a little more, just to be certain that I
> understand {QochHa'} correctly.
> By "undoing a state of disagreement", we mean that "we disagreed and now
> we agree again".

Not necessarily "again".

A: "I support plan 1."
B: "jIQochbe'. I also support plan 1."

A: "I support plan 1."
B: "I support plan 2."
A: "Here are the reasons plan 1 is better than plan 2..."
B: "jIQochHa'. I switch my support to plan 1."

> By "disagreeing with the wrong thing", we mean that "I thought it was a
> fox, you thought it was a dog, so we disagreed, although what it actually
> was, was a sheep".
> By "disagreeing at an inappropriate time", we mean that "the time was
> inappropriate because it was late at night, or because we where disagreeing
> about feeding the cat while our planet was collapsing".
> Are the above correct ?

I don't know what SuStel had in mind about disagreeing at an inappropriate
time, but it's fairly easy to come up with examples of misplaced or
misconstrued disagreement.

A: "I say we advance the troops."
B: "I think we should hold them in position."
A: "Are we talking about the troops at the River Skrall or the ones at
Kri'stak? I'm talking about the river."
B: "jIQochHa'. I thought we were talking about taking the volcano, but I
agree we should advance our troops at the river."

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