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Thu Aug 15 12:14:27 PDT 2019

On 8/15/2019 3:00 PM, Will Martin wrote:
> It’s ironic, in that it’s a cultural explanation for how to use 
> certain words, and you often and vociferously have objected to the 
> idea that we should look at the language through the filter of “What 
> would a Klingon say?”…
> But it is based on canon, so it’s clearly valid.

Precisely. I'm (a) admitting that it's very speculative and (b) basing 
it on a canonical description of a speculative cultural influence on 
Klingon grammar. I do not object to cultural explanations, only to using 
non-canonical cultural explanations to decide grammatical matters.

We have lots of cultural explanations guiding us. /Power Klingon /tells 
us all about the reasons why the only greeting is *nuqneH* and why you 
use replacement and secrecy proverbs. /Klingon for the Galactic 
Traveler/ tells us when it's appropriate to use slang and which cohorts 
pronounce things certain ways and why the various idioms mean what they 
mean. We're told about cultural taboos against using certain words and 
suffixes. These things all have their bases in Okrandian canon. But when 
someone says something like "Klingons don't like to humble themselves, 
so there is no way to apologize in Klingon," they're just making stuff 
up, and it's as inoperative as someone else saying the Klingon word for 
/hard drive/ is *letSeD.*


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