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Klingon has a grammar for a time stamp spoken in military time. It comes at the beginning of the sentence (elbowing a place among the other things that come at the beginning of a sentence) where you present the number in the form of “hundred hours”. There is no verb.

So, that would be:

wa’maH loS vatlh wa’maH rep

Meaning “At fourteen hundred ten hours” or “At 14:10”.

When you use {qaStaHvIS}, it sounds like you are describing a duration instead of a time stamp, and then it gets confusing because you speak of hour number 14, 10.

Given that Okrand has described a couple of different time systems, one using the verb (pumpu’} as in when a hammer falls, perhaps he has described yet another method for expressing military time and I’ve ignorantly missed it. Meanwhile, so far as I’ve witnessed, your method of expressing time is new and confusing.

None of this diminishes the importance of your message.


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> On Aug 9, 2019, at 6:48 AM, kechpaja at kechpaja.com wrote:
> qaStaHvIS {WorldCon} DaSjaj 'ej qaStaHvIS rep wa'maH loS wa'maH tlhIngan Hol wIjatlhmeH {CCD Wicklow Room 3}-Daq maqep. pejeS!
> There will be a Klingon speakers' meetup at 14:10 on Monday in the CCD Wicklow Room 3 at WorldCon. Everybody is invited. 
> - SapIr
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