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> And I often wonder.. Why do I need to go through this, trying to find
> all the ways the meaning of a word has been expended, while we could
> have a new word instead and be done with it ?

It helps the language feel more natural to have words that have multiple
related meanings. In English, for example, "cell" can mean a prison cell, a
biological cell, or a cell phone, all of which derive from the original
notion of a small chamber. It does make things a little more complicated,
but that's languages for you. (At least no word in Klingon has as many
meanings as something like the German "Zug
<https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Zug#Noun>"...) It's also more of a
challenge to the language designer to see what existing words could be used
to express a concept, and provides an opportunity to think of clever ways
to have related words.
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