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Mon Aug 19 08:06:23 PDT 2019

> I'd probably go with 'Irgh bully, intimidate,
> pick on, harass to express what you
> describe. lalDanDajmo' lu'Irgh they harass
> him/her because of his/her religion. You
> could express the severity of this further.
> lalDanDajmo' lu'Irgh; lutlha' 'ej lutIch.

Indeed, my first choice would be {'Irgh}. But can we be certain that we can
use it for adults, and out of a school setting ?

As far as {tlha'} is concerned, there is something which has troubled me
with it in the past, but I forgot to ask about it then..

{tlha'} is given as "chase, follow". In english, does the verb "chase" have
a negative connotation ? Can I chase someone for a good reason too ? Or is
it neutral, and the reason of the chase defines whether it is used for
good, or bad ?

~ cbcbcbb
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