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> The verb {'Irgh} is given as "bully, intimidate, pick on, harass".
> I'd like to ask, since english is not my native language..
> In english, do you use the verb "bully" with regards only to in-school
> harassment, or do you use it too, in other kinds of harassment ?
> If a grown-up is harassed at work, because of his color/religion/sexual
> orientation etc, can you say that "he's being bullied" ?
> Or is "being bullied" used only in highschool with regards to teenagers ?

At least in the usage I'm familiar with, "bully", as a noun and a verb, is
usually applied to kids and teenagers. When it's applied to adults, it
often has the connotation that the adults in question are being childish or
immature. The word {'Irgh} was used for translating an
anti-bullying-in-schools message, so that's probably why it's in there. I
don't think {'Irgh} itself has any sort of age-based connotations.
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