[tlhIngan Hol] Then, you are not my brother

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While he was walking at the forest, he met a man, and walk past him. But
the man said:

"brother, don't you recognize me ?"

So he replied:

"Do you worship melkor too ?"

"No" replied the man; "I do not".

"Then you're not my brother," he said, and walked away..


ngemDaq yIttaHvIS, loD ghom, 'ach yItbe'choH 'e' wIvbe'. ngugh, jatlh loD:

loDnI', mughovbe''a' ?

ghIq, jang:

melkor Davuv'a' je 'ej DaquvmoH'a' je ?

ghobe', jang loD; melkor vIvuvbe' 'ej vIquvmoHbe'.

vaj loDnI'wI' SoHbe', jatlh, 'ej loDvo' ghoS..

~ cxcxcxx
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