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> I believe it was more about the fact that only d'Armond would speak
> Klingon to Alec, so the pressure to speak English was too great. Alec
> started to refuse to speak Klingon.
> Must be kind of weird to see your father speak perfect English to your
> mother, your relatives, but then speak only Klingon to you. Why does he
> do that? Alec got to an age of awareness of this, and wanted it to stop,
> so d'Armond stopped.

Well, my son knows Klingon is a real language because he's observed me
speaking to others. Just this Saturday I spoke with {DeSDu'} (Jack Bradley)
over Discord while he was in the room with me, and he even tried to sing
{Qoy qeylIS puqloD} for him. (He knows only the first, third, and last
line, so a bit of lossy compression going on there.) And Sunday I took him
to meet André Müller (whom he knows) and Christian Bayerlein (who was
visiting) and we spoke Klingon together.

I don't know to what degree he'll actually pick up the language, though.
I'm not actively trying to teach him.


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