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> Am 01.09.2018 um 11:34 schrieb Felix Malmenbeck:
> > Well, Terran country names seem to stand on their own, and based on the
> > gloss I would expect the same here, but I suspect that it may depend on
> > the speaker's familiarity with the place, or the listener's anticipated
> > familiarity.
> Yes, that's true. It's like we talk about the "Krotmag region" and so on
> we do so to clarify that it's a region for those who don't know that.

You mean in Klingon? The {Sep} is necessary. {Qotmagh} is a person.
{Qotmagh Sep} is a place.

> (as a sidenote, Sahara is arabic for desert, but that's now going too
> far :-) )

Actually, that's just what I was thinking:

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