[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: lIghon DuQwI' pogh

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Klingon word: lIghon DuQwI' pogh
Part of speech: noun
Definition: Ligonian Spike Glove

  "A traditional weapon on planet Ligon II, used in ritual combat. Resembling a gauntlet-length oversized glove, the end of the glavin has a large, vicious hook and is covered with poison-tipped spines. Tasha Yar fought Yareena with glavins [in 2364]." (STE p.114; TNG "Code of Honor") 

  "Klingons apparently have had contact with Ligon II, directly or indirectly, because the weapon shows up in the occasional Klingon home in television shows (they've got the prop lying around...)." (SuStel [DATE?])

  KCD "simply places it in the category of Weapons (included with all of the other Klingon weapons, and talks about the {DuQwI'} part of it." (SuStel [DATE?]) 

(KGT 141-2):  Thus {lIghon wa'} (Ligon I) is the planet orbiting closest to the Ligon sun; {lIghon cha'} (Ligon II) is the second closest ... Ligon has sometimes been called {lIghonya'} in addition to {lIghon} ...

(KGT 58):  A warrior's glove ({pogh}), also made of skin [{DIr}], had wide band around the wrist and sharp protrusions at the knuckles. If there was a special name for these protrusions, it is lost; they are now called simply {DuQwI'mey} (spikes). The gloves did not have fingers. They were designed to protect the palm, back of the hand, and wrist, but to not interfere with the mobility of a warrior's fingers. Modern gloves ({poghmey}) generally adhere to this design.

  Worf used a large, chain- and armor-covered glove in his daily Klingon Calisthenics holodeck program (TNG "Where Silence Has Lease");  K'Ehleyr later used it too (TNG "The Emissary").  There's a photo of part of one in TKW p.204; K'Ehleyr wears a huge one in TKW p.16.

  A {pach moQ} (Klingon-style gavel) is a metal sphere with an embossed scaly surface, apparently attached to a clawed metal glove worn by a magistrate. When pounded, sparks fly.  First seen during Kirk and McCoy's trial on Kronos (ST6) and later - or should that be earlier? - during Archer's trial on Narendra III for conspiring against the Klingon Empire and fomenting revolt. (ENT "Judgment")

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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