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Note that TKD also says, "In addition, if the meaning of any particular suffix is to be emphasized, the stress may shift to that syllable." So verb stress is variable and suffixes like {-be'} often get stressed more than the root even if it's the only suffix.

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tkd says:
"In a verb, the stressed syllable is usually the verb itself, as
opposed to any prefix or suffix. If, however, a suffix ending with {'}
is separated from the verb by at least one other suffix, both the verb
and the suffix ending in {'} are stressed"

1. If I have {yajbe'} only the {-be'} is stressed
2. If I have {yajlaHbe'} both {yaj} and {-be'} will be equally stressed

Are the above correct ?

1. If I have a two-syllable verb, which doesn't contain a {'}, and
doesn't have any suffixes, then where do I place the stress ?
2. With regards to the interrogative suffix {-'a'}; is it stressed as
any other suffix which bears the {'}, or is it stressed with the
"voice rising" as you would ask for instance "do you see the cat ?"

~ nI'ghma
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