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Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Fri Oct 19 10:56:15 PDT 2018

SuStel reminds me that I forgot to check paq’batlh for examples of {qIm}:

qeylISvaD jach 'ej beyDaj luqImmo'
    yuQDaq ghaHtaHbogh Hoch tlhIngan'e'
   Qomqa' Hoch Qo'noS nuvpu'
All of Kronos trembled once more,
    Fore every Klingon on the planet
    Followed her cry for Kahless.

qeylIS vemmoH
    qotar ghogh
    qIm neH
Kahless awoke from his sleep
    By the voice of Kotar
    Calling him to his feet.

Qob qo' qeylIS yIqIm
Kahless, be aware of danger in all forms.
Hoch qImmoH mu'meyDaj
    ghoj 'agh 'ej val
    yIntaH 'e' luleghmo' chaH mer
[translation unavailable]
qeylIS QeH DavemmoHpu'
    SomrawDu'Daj teb qajunpaQ
    qImchoHlaHchu' yabDaj
[translation unavailable]

From: SuStel
On 10/19/2018 12:33 PM, Ed Bailey wrote:
I was thinking there was evidence that qIm can be used transitively to mean "pay attention to, follow." I don't remember the exact line, but MO also used 'Ij transitively in the ST5 notes as I recall.

It is transitive, though we only found that out gradually. For a while the only hint that qIm might be transitive was when it appeared in the online dictionary hosted by MSN, but we learned that Okrand didn't provide the glosses for that dictionary, and whoever did took liberties, so transitive qIm was suspect. We had a strong hint with Captain Klaa's line HeDaj yIqIm, though it was unclear whether this was a single sentence or HeDaj! yIqIm! Her course! Pay attention! because of the way the actor pronounced the two words. Later still the notes to Star Trek V had vIqImchoH, though once again there was a bit of a question because these lines didn't actually appear in the movie, but by this point the picture was getting clear. The word is used several times in paq'batlh as unambiguously transitive (e.g., beyDaj luqImmo'). There may be more recent examples I don't know about. Given this entire picture, I'd say it's fairly clear that qIm is transitive.
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