[tlhIngan Hol] je and rIntaH

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Thu Nov 8 23:45:50 PST 2018

On Thu, 8 Nov 2018 at 22:24, SuStel <sustel at trimboli.name> wrote:

> On 11/8/2018 4:15 PM, mayqel qunenoS wrote:
> For "gowron tickled the cat too" (or "gowron too tickled the cat"), do I
> say:
> {vIghro' qotlh rIntaH je ghawran}
> or do I say:
> {vIghro' qotlh je rIntaH ghawran} ?
> Insufficient data. Both are said to "follow the verb," but neither is
> given any sort of precedence.

But given that {rIntaH} is itself also a verb, if both orders are possible,
{... je rIntaH} is the less ambiguous. {... rIntaH je} could mean, "it is
also accomplished that... (in addition to something else which was

yuQ chargh rIntaH. jaghpu' HoH rIntaH je.

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