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> On 11/27/2018 12:56 PM, mayqel qunenoS wrote:
> tugh, Hargh SuvwI'pu'vam 'op SuvwI'
> soon, some of these warriors will fight
> tugh, Hargh SuvwI'pu'vam mI'
> soon, a number of these warriors will fight
> I feel that they are wrong, but I can't understand why.
> Neither is correct.
> *tugh Hargh 'op SuvwI'vam **Soon some of these warriors will fight (a
> major confrontation).*
> *SuvwI'pu'vam mI'* means *these warriors' number, the number of these
> warriors.* Are they carrying a sign with an eight on it, and the sign is
> going to fight some other warriors' number in a duel?
There is a bit from the paq'batlh (I don't have the citation and exact
translation handy):
*lutlhej tlhInganpu' Hem mI' nIb*
which is translated as something like "The same number of proud Klingons
went with him."

So it can apparently be used in the sense of "amount", at least with
countable things. That said,* 'op SuvwI'vam* is sufficient on its own in
this case, since unlike the paq'batlh example, you're not saying anything
about the number of warriors.
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