[tlhIngan Hol] mughmeH laH vs mughlaHghach

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Tue May 15 12:28:09 PDT 2018

On 5/15/2018 3:26 PM, demonchaux.aurelie wrote:
> We have quite often the structure  [verb-meH noun] in Klingon (e.g. 
> ghojmeH mIw = lesson), so logically this could apply also to the noun 
> {laH} (ability):
> mughmeH laH = ability to translate
> But then we can also have [verb-laHghach]:
> mughlaHghach = ability to translate
> They both seem to have the same meaning - but is there actually any 
> difference?
> Are there cases when you would use the one and not the other?

I'd say they're synonymous.


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