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On Thu, Mar 29, 2018 at 11:11 AM, SuStel <sustel at trimboli.name> wrote:
> I'd love to hear Okrand report that Maltz is totally baffled by the human
> obsession with turning body parts into profanity, and that Klingons don't
> have a category of profanity that comes from body parts. Bonus points if he
> says they do have a category that turns words for medical instruments into
> profanity. :D
​I would definitely be interested to hear more about the etymologies (real
or folk) of Klingon curses. What makes a particular word a curse or
invective, rather than just an insult? *nuch* isn't an invective,* toDSaH*
is, but if I call a Klingon warrior either one of those words I'm liable to
get my teeth knocked out. So what makes one an invective and the other just
a word? Also, how do Klingons deal with curse words like *yIntagh* and
(sort of a curse word) *vum* (n), that are identical to mundane,
non-profane words? (*vumwI'* is either "worker" or "my bastard/scumbag".) I
don't think I want to use up my opportunity to request a word by asking
about profanity, but it'd be interesting to hear about it sometime.

Well, I do want to request one profanity thing. Is there some sort of
phrase equivalent to "Damn/To hell with/Screw/Fuck ______!", where the
blank can be filled with whatever needs to be disregarded, rejected,
condemned, or otherwise the focus of anger? Specifically, something short
and derogatory with the strength of invective, that's a familiar, set
formula rather than something you make up on the spot.
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