[tlhIngan Hol] Expressing "all of us"

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Mon Jan 29 07:19:21 PST 2018

On 1/28/2018 6:30 PM, nIqolay Q wrote:
> HolQeD 8:4 (p. 6-10) says
>     It is also possible (though the Sakrej folks tend not to do this)
>     to use the full pronoun plus locative noun construction with the
>     directional nouns: *jIH chan* "east of me" (literally <I area
>     eastward>). There is a slight meaning difference between *jIH
>     chan*, using the full pronoun, and *chanwIj*, using the possessive
>     suffix, however. The construction with the full pronoun emphasize
>     the pronoun (in this case "I," the speaker him-herself) as the
>     reference point; the construction with the pronominal suffix is
>     more neutral. Thus, *chanwIj* is <east of me, east of where I am,
>     east of here> but *jIH chan* is <east of ME, to MY east>.
Very good. I'd forgotten that bit from the /HolQeD/ article.

Of course, this prompts the question of whether "area eastward" is 
somehow inherently different than "area above"...


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