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Wed Jan 24 08:53:58 PST 2018

Klingon word: pach
Part of speech: noun
Definition: claw

jej pach 
The claw is sharp.
(idiom: the food is pungent--that is, good) KGT

jejHa' pach 
The claw is dull. 
(idiom: the food is bland) KGT

pIpyuS pach 		pipius claw (type of food)

pIpyuS pach yISop 
Eat the pipius claw. CK

pIpyuS pach DaSop DaneHchugh pIpyuS puS DaghornIS 
If you want to eat pipius claw, you'll have to break a few pipiuses. TKW

pIpyuS pach HochDIch DaSoppu' 
You've eaten the last pipius claw. KGT

(TKW 285):  "a traditional Klingon dish. As with Klingon food in general, it is not cooked, but neither is a live or just-killed pipius simply thrown in front of the diner. The details of preparing pipius claw are not well understood, as Klingon chefs are notoriously protective of their recipes. It is believed that the pipius is torn apart and the various pieces are soaked in (or perhaps basted with) some kind of fluid of animal origin that adds flavor and chemically alters the texture of the pipius." 

(KGT 94):  "{pIpyuS pach} (pipius claw) is always prepared the same way; it would be peculiar to hear {pIpyuS pach HaHlu'pu'bogh} ('pipius claw that has been marinated; marinated pipius claw'), since such phrasing would be redundant ... If a dish with a standard preparation technique (a {nay' motlh}, 'usual dish') is being offered, asking how it is to be prepared is a demonstration of cultural ignorance." 

qa'raj pach 		*ka'raj* claw (sic for {Qa'raj} ?) KGT

KGT 94:  the claw of the *ka'raj* is prepared in a variety of ways, so saying that dinner will consist of {qa'raj pach} ("*ka'raj* claw") is not giving enough information.

pach moQ  		gavel,  High Court gavel (n) MKE

nItlhpach  		fingernail (n)

KGT 58:   On the toe of each high boot ({DaS}) ... was a clawlike spike called a {pu'}.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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