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On Tue, Jan 02, 2018 at 01:56:58PM -0500, nIqolay Q wrote:
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> > Isn’t that inconsistent with the TNG episode “Heart of Glory”, in which
> > the bodies of two Klingons who “died well” (in a battle with the Worf) are
> > referred to as simply empty shells? IIRC (the Wikipedia article doesn’t
> > seem to discuss this) the Enterprise crew are told by the Klingon commander
> > to simply dispose of the bodies by the most efficient means possible.
> >
>> *qangtlhInmey pIm pablaH tlhInganpu'.*

teH. 'ach {TNG}Daq tlhIngan qangtlhInmey luDellu'taHvIS DuHvam

> "*lo'laHbe' lommey*" seems to be the dominant belief of Klingons in the
> TNG-DS9-VOY era, or at least one of the most common beliefs, but that
> doesn't mean it's universal. 

The Klingons on the battle cruiser seem to act like they assume it's
universal, but perhaps that's just because it's dominant enough that
Klingons who follow those beliefs tend to forget that there are other

> Aren't T'kuvma and his followers a minority
> sect? (Depending on how DSC plays out, perhaps the belief's association
> with T'kuvma is why modern Klingons have abandoned it...)

True, and that's a good point. Perhaps that will come with an
explanation of why DSC Klingons look so different from later Klingons. 

 - SapIr

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