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> Isn’t that inconsistent with the TNG episode “Heart of Glory”, in which
> the bodies of two Klingons who “died well” (in a battle with the Worf) are
> referred to as simply empty shells? IIRC (the Wikipedia article doesn’t
> seem to discuss this) the Enterprise crew are told by the Klingon commander
> to simply dispose of the bodies by the most efficient means possible.
*qangtlhInmey pIm pablaH tlhInganpu'.*

"*lo'laHbe' lommey*" seems to be the dominant belief of Klingons in the
TNG-DS9-VOY era, or at least one of the most common beliefs, but that
doesn't mean it's universal. Aren't T'kuvma and his followers a minority
sect? (Depending on how DSC plays out, perhaps the belief's association
with T'kuvma is why modern Klingons have abandoned it...)

Also, I figured out one of the puns:
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