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On 1/1/2018 7:46 AM, mayqel qunenoS wrote:
> I just realized something..
> In english you say "I didn't do anything"
> In greek we say "I didn't do nothing"
> In english you say "I don't know anything"
> In greek we say "I don't know nothing"
> In english you say "I don't go anywhere"
> In greek we say "I don't go nowhere"
> I'm certain that you, being native english speakers, find the above 
> greek phrases strange/wrong.
> On the other hand, I, being greek, find the english phrases strange/wrong.
> maj.
> The question is, why should I -in klingon-, write {vay' vIqaSmoHbe'} 
> instead of {pagh vIqaSmoHbe'} ? Why should I write {vay' vISovbe'} 
> instead of {pagh vISovbe'} ? Why {vogh vIjaHbe'} instead of {pagh Daq 
> vIjaHbe'} ?
> Why should I follow the english way of expressing the above, instead 
> of the greek ?

Apparently I can no longer reply to the list on my phone.

Summary: see this about double negatives: 

Klingon works like English: double negatives cancel each other out into 
a positive.

*wej Heghchugh vay', SuvtaH SuvwI'*/
A warrior fights to the death./ (TKW)
(Not *wej Heghchugh pagh...*)

*batlh Heghlu'chugh noDnISbe' vay'
*/An honorable death requires to vengeance./ (TKW)
(Not ...*noDnIS pagh.*)

*naDev vay' vISovbe'
*/I don't know anybody here/ (CK)
(Not *naDev pagh vISovbe'*.)

*qeylIS'e' lIjlaHbe'bogh vay'
*/Kahless the Unforgettable/ (SkyBox S8)
(Not *qeylIj'e' **lIjlaHbe'bogh pagh*.)

And probably more.


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