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Okay, so, I'm missing how this different from a religious prophet. 
I'd assume that, with context, one could refer to both Moses and a fortune teller. 
Or is there a connotation or denotation that specifically prohibits this word from being used to refer to a religious figure?

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Here is some information from Maltz that I can forward with NO SPOILERS 
concerning the coming episodes of ST:Discovery:

Okrand suggested a way to say "polite" in Klingon, using {DochHa'}. For 
the glossary, he added:
"be polite" is okay. Also "be civil, courteous." Very un-Klingon!

Next, we talked about a "prophet". Not the religious person like Jesus 
or Mohammed, but more some kind of a person who seems to be able to see 
or know things that others can't.

Okrand forwarded this from Maltz:

This is a {tuch rItwI'} (or, if the context is clear, {rItwI'} for 
short).  {tuch rIt} means "to prophesize, see the future, know the 
future."  For Klingons, the "prophet" is able to "summon" the future 

Lieven L. Litaer
aka the "Klingon Teacher from Germany"
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